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**CANCELLED** – The DEVI School – The Great Divorce (C.S. Lewis) @ The Astor Theatre
May 29 @ 7:00 pm
**CANCELLED** - The DEVI School - The Great Divorce (C.S. Lewis) @ The Astor Theatre
Our annual performance by our friends at the DEVI School is always one we look forward to, and they never fail to impress us with their performances on stage, their technical know how and their thought-provoking choices.
The DEVI School welcomes you to come and see its rendition of The Great Divorce by C. S. Lewis.
Written in 1946, the storyline follows a narrator on his bus ride from ‘The Grey Town’ to Heaven where he meets a series of interesting characters and personalities on his journey who are muddling their way through the difficulties and challenges of human nature.
Riddled with allusions and references, C.S. Lewis’ novel takes us on a journey of collective discovery of shared human nature, which, from paper to stage, is amplified tremendously.
The play itself is a celebration of overcoming difficulty which we send as a very small but nonetheless tremendously important message of hope during these difficult and fear-filled times.
Mark your calendars for 29th May at 7pm at the Astor Theatre.
We will also be having a bake sale in the concessions area of the theatre lobby, with proceeds going to the DEVI School
Stay safe and well and we hope to see you there! Entrance is by donation at the door.
**RESCHEDULED** New Date Pending – Springtime Notes – An Astor Theatre Fundraiser @ Astor Theatre
May 30 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Join Ashley & Lauren at The Astor Theatre as they take you on a musical adventure
featuring trombone, vocal & piano music. Lauren will accompany Ashley on the piano as she
sings repertoire such as “Ave Maria”, “Mio Babbino Caro”, and “ White Cliffs of Dover”.
Ashley will accompany Lauren on the trombone, performing pieces such as “Romance” and “
Six Sonatas for Trombone”. They will also have some Broadway surprises in store for you!
Come to The Astor and embrace the wonder of this dynamic duo as they take the stage in

Lauren Inglis is a grade 12 student at Liverpool Regional High School. At a young age,
Lauren discovered a love for music. She took off on a journey of studying piano, trombone
and singing! Lauren realized her deep passion for trombone/piano playing and began
developing extraordinary skills through The Royal Conservatory of Canada. From 2017-2019
she was the piano accompanist for Queens County Vocal Troupe, where she spent hours in
the theatre preparing kids for musical theatre productions. She accompanied an entire MTI
Broadway Production with this troupe, mastering the piano accompaniment of Stephen
Sondheim’s “Into The Woods Jr”. She was accepted and is an active trombone player in The
Nova Scotia Youth Wind Ensemble in 2017 and The Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra in 2019!
Lauren is pursuing a career in Music Education at Acadia University this coming fall! She
loves drawing and writing in her spare time.

Ashley-Rose Goodwin spends her days balancing the life of motherhood alongside her deep
passions for music and theatre. She began performing theatrically and studying piano in the
early 90s. Theatre has always been a second home to Ashley, so she decided to pursue a
Theatre Studies Degree shortly after completing high school. Motherhood stepped in and
took over in 2006, so Ashley dedicated her life to raising her boys, working on exams for
piano through The Royal Conservatory of Canada and diving heavily into community theatre.
She opened a private studio focusing on piano training and theatrical performance for youth
in 2010. In 2017 she established Queens County Vocal Troupe, a musical theatre group for
youth focused on building self-confidence, vocal skills and performance training. 2019 rolled
around, and Ashley felt ready to return to Dalhousie and complete her Theatre Studies
Program. Since returning, she has been placed on The Dean’s List and has successfully
entered the Music Department, where she has trained vocally for the past year. You will find
Ashley enjoying nature in her spare time, reading, playing outside with her kids or writing.
Ashley is excited to share her vocal repertoire that she has studied this past year & is thrilled
to share the stage once again with Laure n!

**NEW DATE** – Lunch at Allen’s – October 26th, 2021 @ Astor Theatre
Oct 26 @ 7:30 pm

RESCHEDULED  October 26, 2021

Lunch at Allen’s is Murray McLauchlan, Cindy Church, Marc Jordan and Ian Thomas. As individuals, they have written for or sung on over 25,000,000 cd’s, penning hits for Chicago, Josh Groban, Bonnie Raitt, America, Santana, Cher, and Rod Stewart, as well as Murray’s “Farmers Song”, Marc’s “Marina Del Rey” and Ian’s “Painted Ladies” just to name a few. These artist have come together adding the incredible voice of Cindy Church (Quartette, Great Western Orchestra ) to form Lunch At Allen’s. They are Canadian song writing royalty who will take you on a journey with humour and stories playing there familiar hits and new songs as well to create an evening of music for the heart and music for your soul.

**NEW 2022 DATE ** – Epic EAGLES Tribute – April 10th, 2022 @ Astor Theatre
Apr 10 @ 7:30 pm


Canada’s Definitive Eagles Tribute Band performs the Greatest Hits of The Eagles. Featuring Dean Young, the former Lead Vocalist of ‘Hotel California – The Original Eagles Tribute’, back in the saddle again with an all-star cast. “You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave……”