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Jay White is America’s Diamond – A tribute to Neil Diamond

May 31, 2018 @ 7:30 pm
Astor Theatre
219 Main St. Liverpool
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Little did master showman Jay White realize that his eventual appreciation for the music of Neil Diamond would turn into a lifelong journey.

As a professional international entertainer, Jay recognizes the importance of presenting a crystal clear image to the public. For his entire career, that image has reflected one of America’s brightest stars with an uncanny likeness to Neil Diamond.

Jay first became a Diamondhead back in the mid-70’s, singing along with albums like ‘Hot August Night’ and ‘Love at the Greek’, where he discovered that his vocal range and natural sound were very familiar to Neil’s. At a young age, Jay began performing in musical theatre and soon after sang with an acapella doo-wop group called The Voices. As his love for the stage increased, he was offered a lead vocalist job with a popular top 40 band. Unknowingly, these part time opportunities were instrumental in developing his voice and stage presence. It was during this 5 year span that people told constantly him of his vocal resemblance to Neil Diamond.

In 1982, White landed his first job performing as ‘Diamond’ at Mr. F’s Supper Club near Detroit. It was there (with help of the’ Jazz Singer’ film) that he studied and worked to capture the essence and charismatic stage presence of the American musical icon. Within six months Jay quit his day job to embark on one of life’s most exciting careers, one that eventually lead to an offer of a lifetime from a most unexpected place…
Las Vegas.

In 1989, Jay’s career and life took an exciting turn when “Legends in Concert” producer John Stuart asked him to audition. Both producer and performer were thrilled with the results, landing Jay his first Legends performance for seven weeks in Reno. At the end of that engagement, Stuart asked White to join Legends at the Imperial Palace as the first “Living” legend in the celebrated Las Vegas production (the show originally portrayed performers of the past). A deal was struck and as the decade was about to change, so were the unique opportunities for this mostly introverted singer.

Since that time, Jay has performed from Europe to Asia and hundreds of cities across the U.S. and Canada. He played 50 weeks a year at the Imperial Palace for almost nine years, where he became Legend’s longest running act in one venue.

“The Diamond performance is more than the look and sound alone” Jay explains. “From facial expressions to body language to audience participation, it all needs to come together to form an exhilarating emotional experience. I love performing and I feel blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive family and fan base.

In 1996, Jay met Neil Diamond backstage before his MGM appearance, where Neil told Jay to; “keep up the good work” and autographed a photo of the two signing; “Jay, keep singing, so I can stay home and relax, your friend in music”. In a January 2002 interview, Diamond was asked about all of the Neil tribute performers and replied “I’ve heard a few of them and I’m always complimented by their efforts and dedication, but my favorite is a young man named Jay White.”

As a performer,Jay White’s popularity continues to grow by leaps and bounds because his dedication to accuracy, his respect for the singer/composer, and his attention to detail has put him at the top of his class. There is no doubt about it — when it comes to a portrayal of the worlds’ most well-known Diamond, Jay White is a real gem. And the Real Deal. Nobody else comes close to the Neil Diamond experience that Jay White delivers, except of course, Neil himself!

Now, after a multi-year run at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, Jay is taking the show on the road – You don’t want to miss the kind of Beautiful Noise that Jay White delivers to his world-wide fans.

For over 25 years Jay White has continued to stretch his singing and acting talents, while reflecting the stage persona of one of the world’s best loved musical icons. Validation came from Hollywood Director, Ron Howard, who in 2008 cast Jay to play Neil Diamond in the Academy Award nominated film “Frost/Nixon”. In 2011 Jay was also cast as the lead in a new musical drama film entitled “Beautiful Noise” and in 2002, began his 8 years as a Las Vegas showroom headliner at the Riviera, sparking national interest and recognition. Leeza Gibbons of “Entertainment Tonight” wrote: “He’s uncanny and truly amazing!,” while Jay Leno said, “You do a great job!” White is also honored to have performed for former First Lady Nancy Reagan, introduced actress Starletta Dupois at the Miss Universe Pageant, received a 2003 “Outstanding Performance” award and has appeared with Bob Hope for the American Legion.

In 1996 and again in 2002 White met Diamond before his Vegas MGM appearances, From passionate crowds rushing the stage at corporate events, to 1500 enthusiastic alumni at Princeton University, to the cheers of some 18,000 screaming fans in several 2 hour Salt Lake City performances, White is grateful that his years of hard work and dedication are still so convincing and so appreciated.

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