Box Office: 902-354-5250 Tue-Sat 11am-4pm

Before You Arrive

Entrance & Accessibility
Please use either the front entrance on Main Street or the ramp entrance from the rear parking area, which will bring you in to the front lobby area and box office.

There is also a ramp entrance and intercom located at the rear of the building, adjacent to the Royal Bank, which may be used to access the theatre directly. To gain access to the theatre use the intercom to alert the theatre staff and they will buzz you in. If you require a place for a wheelchair, please inform box office staff when purchasing your ticket(s).

Please note that use of cameras or any other audio/video equipment is prohibited during performances.

Cell Phones
Please note that cell phone use is also prohibited during performances. Please turn your phone to silent when entering the theatre.

Smoking is prohibited inside and immediately around the Astor Theatre. Nova Scotia law also prohibits smoking within 4 metres of entrances, windows and air intakes.

Some patrons are sensitive or allergic to various scents and perfumes. Please limit your use of scented products before arriving at the theatre.

Astor Bar and Merchandise

The Astor Bar and Merch table are open for live events..