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Breath of Fresh Air Youth Theatre Group returns to the Astor stage with Goodbye Kurt Cobain

We are delighted to welcome our local youth theatre group back to the Astor with a play written and directed by Kallie Koliotassis. Two plays, in fact!

The first, titled The One is a spooky tale performed by the younger members of the group:

A group of friends end up at a haunted house, in a room that may or may not actually exist, where they’re faced with a decision that could doom one of them… or all of them.

And the second, Goodbye Kurt Cobain, is sure to bring back memories for many of us:

In 1994, a few weeks after Kurt Cobain’s death, a group of friends decide to meet in the woods to have a little fun. Their buddy Shaun has taken the death of his icon pretty hard, and needs a little cheering up. Over the course of the evening they reflect on the good times they’ve shared, and come to terms with the fact that some things cannot last. Does the end of Kurt Cobain mark the end of their time together?

Tickets ($15 Adults, $10 students) are on sale now at the Astor box office (Tuesday – Friday 10 – 4), in person or over the phone, or online through Ticketpro:

When buying tickets, please consider that we are limited to only 100 audience members, and that seating has been grouped into small bubbles. Please try to only buy in the appropriate bubble size for your group – if you don’t see what you’re looking for please give us a call.

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